Sunday, May 30, 2021

Week 11

This way there's a pretty obvious relationship between the water and the output on the screen. Maybe a little bit boring. Was thinking maybe i could use PBR texture on a plane instead. It would still be vertical movement -> vertical movement but maybe it would look more interesting.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

week 10

This would a fabric with strings attached that is wound up by motors. With this method i feel like you would loose the depth of the water.

This is a polygon view almost. I guess the way this would be done would be to cut two triangles and attach them together on the center with a hinge. However i am not sure if i could still just use motors beneath to push them up if it's done this way. I am afraid it would be very flimsy. I also feel like as I've proven to be bad when it comes to using my hands i am afraid i will have to keep things as simple as possible.

This would be the regular boxes. And i think maybe the easiest to make.

Technically with this i could maybe just drop the arduino all together and just have the poles distort the fabric maybe.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Week 09

This is an attempt at trying to make a sensor to measure distance. As the balls / floatable objects need a pole to keep them in place i thought the best way to measure distance would be to use magnets and measure the magnetic strength. With a regular proximity sensor I am afraid the pole would interfere with the data.

However turns out the magnet has to be super close before the sensor picks it up. Not sure how to fix this. I've tried with different / more magnets to see if it made any difference, but it's more or less the same.

Why I like the squares.

I like the squares cause I feel like it is a low poly representation of the water. Water / waves is very rich with details, so the squares is a low poly, low fidelity representation of it. It may be unoriginal / boring, but this is why I prefer the boxes. On the other hand, I think using spandex fabric would be way more time efficient.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Week 08

Considering how short time there is left i think my options are either to go forward with this teddy bear - heat sensor project or start the physical computing project with the box sculpture.

Basically, with this project it would be tied to covid 19 - social distancing. Real life teddy bear on the left side and either a fragmented representation of the teddybear on the right side. But i think, given this setup it would be better maybe to project what looks like a silhouette behind frosted glass, so when you hug the bear, the glass becomes clear maybe.

With this one, I think, considering how little time is left of the semester that i would do the sculpture first and make it reactive from a web interface instead (similar to the one in the video earlier with the arduino). And if there is time left then i could try to do the water tank. I guess the purpose would be less clear, but given the scenario that it doesn't work i would still have a "finished project".

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Week 07 - Physical distortion

A couple more experiments with physical distortion.

Experiments with magnets and CRT screens has been done a lot before, so would have to think of something to make it different. I think one of the biggest problems with this is to make it interactive in a way that is better than just moving a magnet across the screen with your hand.

With this alternative, the visuals on the screen could be for example sound reactive or just a looping video, while position of magnet could be controlled via. phone. Either that you draw and the magnet moves accordingly or that you can choose between different patterns. Now why place the monitor inside a case, I am not sure. 

- For this i would need a CRT screen and a HDMI to VGI adapter to connect to my computer

- The magnet movement would be similar to a drawing robot

- Magnets for distortion


Now if this is something I have the skills to make, I am not sure. I think the major downside to this one is that Nam June Paik explored this concept a lot.

As for water distortion i'm not sure how to go forward with this. Essentially it would be a drip machine with a tank and a picture / screen underneath. Alternatively maybe a motor could be used to stir the water or somehow make the container vibrate (cymatics?).